Can I Just Get One Infusion?

  1. Thank you for your help for my back pain. The discomfort has all most disappeared.haven’t had to take any medication for pain since.

  2. Cheryl Sykes says:

    Great man. He help me with getting my card. And I have really no pain
    Thank you so much

  3. Maria Arzuaga says:

    My vote will alway be for Dr. Consaltar, he is the Best. Not only is he very experienced, he listens and is compassionate with his patients and meets their needs…
    Thank you,

  4. Brett Moran says:

    I vote for Dr.Consalter as he has saved my life, and I’m sure many others, he’s a kind-compassionate human being, which makes him the great doctor he is, personable and just one of the best doctors in the United States and definitely in all of Illinois. Thank you for all that you do / have done for me and everyone else who is your patient. I highly recommend Dr. Consalter to anyone struggling with quality of life. We need more doctors like him around, great attitude and for all the aforementioned reasons I just described.

  5. Marvin Allen says:

    Thank you doctor for all of your help as well as from Justin your assistant. I have already recommended several friends, because I am very happy with my service and care.

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